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Foxkeh's February wallpapers are ready!! Thank you very much for many great ideas which sport Foxkeh should try. In February, Foxkeh decided to try curling. Is he going to get points with this throw? We also started providing Monday Starting Calendars following your request. We continuously appreciate your idea which sport you want him to try in March!


Jesse N 2008/01/31 16:03

I'd like to see Foxkeh skateboarding! :D

vicente j 2008/01/31 18:03

Nice work! keep it up and hopefully I'll see foxkeh playing soccer this year.

Switchable 2008/01/31 23:19

Nice Wallpaper.

And thanks for the Monday version.

Anonymous 2008/02/01 03:38

nice wallpaper

caos30 2008/02/01 06:47

A lot of thanks for the Monday version.

Anonymous 2008/02/01 10:00

Yay Foxkeh! Everyone at work loves my wallpapers - thank you for the great artwork. March here is known for "March Madness" - meaning lots of basketball. Not cute enough? How about Foxkeh going on an Easter Egg hunt? One request though... The lighter colored backgrounds make it a little harder for me to see the icons on my desktop; the darker backgrounds work best for me... But I love them all! Thanks again!

Anonymous 2008/02/01 12:38

I love it! It's nice to see Foxkeh trying a new sport.

Alisanne 2008/02/01 17:29

Aww Foxkeh is the cutest curler ever! lol
March he should... figure skate or toboggan. That'd be cool. :P

Anonymous 2008/02/02 09:52

nice, I hope they make a foxkeh desktop theme ^^

Cornelius 2008/02/02 15:53

What's on Monday the 11th?

Sean 2008/02/02 21:51

The 11th is National Foundation Day in Japan.

lfirefox 2008/02/04 04:51

Very nice. I'll link it @ the firefox blog.

Kirk 2008/02/04 12:49

Great new paper, very cute! Since I'm in the US, I didn't know what the significance of the 11th was. It was fun to learn!

Anonymous 2008/02/05 17:51

It's so adorable! I use Foxkeh on my desktop every month!

Nzingha 2008/02/06 21:08

Foxkeh should try ice skating in March!

Beesh 2008/02/08 18:36

Since March Madness is coming up, I would like to see Foxkeh playing basketball for the month of March! (^_^)

Rachel 2008/02/08 20:38

Foxkeh is so cute!!! I think that one of the wallpapers should have him playing tennis. :-)

Caitlin 2008/02/11 09:13

He's so cute! I think Foxkeh should try gymnastics or ping-pong!

StudioEgo 2008/02/13 09:19

Foxkeh is Very cute.
Nice wallpaper!

Mooks 2008/06/25 14:36

Please update the theme for version 3.0! Onegaishimasu!