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Foxkeh's March wallpapers are ready! We would like to thank you again for the many great ideas about which sports Foxkeh should try this month. Several people requested football. This month, Foxkeh plays football, but not the traditional game enjoyed around the world. He plays the Japanese traditional football game called Kemari that was popular in Japan during the Heian Period, from the 8th to 12th century.

The object of Kemari is to keep one ball in the air, with all players cooperating to do so. Therefore, a good player makes it easy for the receiver to control the ball, and serves it with a soft touch to make it easy to keep the ball in the air. As if playing Kemari, Foxkeh wants to work with you to make the web more open and easy to use for everyone.

We welcome your comments on which sport you would like Foxkeh to try in April.


German 2008/02/29 07:38

Awesome Wallpapers

adrian schneider 2008/02/29 15:53

i cannot download the march 2008 wallpaper; why not?

Anonymous 2008/02/29 16:16


vicente juarez 2008/02/29 17:08

nice! another great wallpaper from the foxkeh team, it was nice that i got to see foxkeh playing soccer early. Thank you for the great wallpaper and keep up the great work.

Anonymous 2008/02/29 19:11

foxkeh should try kendo next :)

Anonymous 2008/03/01 07:31

Could we get Foxkeh playing cricket?

2008/03/01 10:50

Great wallpaper! Kemari, or 蹴鞠 (translates to kickball), and I believe the rules are similar to Hacky Sack (Or footbag), only with the Kemari ball instead of the footbag, where the players have to keep the ball in the air as long as possible. The uniforms of the sport (which Foxkeh is wearing) resemble the clothes of the Asuka period.

Allen 2008/03/02 03:05

We needn't download wallpaper, just click it, and " save as " picture which you want, it's simple.

Joakim 2008/03/04 07:22

Really nice wallpapers, I use them on several computers. What would make them even nicer (in my opinion) is if the number of the weeks could be incorporated too.

Keep up the good work!

Regards from Sweden,

Luna 2008/03/04 17:39

Oh my gosh, I've been using the Foxkeh wallpapers for a couple of months now. I'm not really sure how I found him though.
I absolutely LOVE this months sport and image. It's so adorable.
Keep up the great work...

Maybe Foxkeh could go a on a long distance swim next month?

Foxkehs Stalker 2008/03/06 14:19

Wow. Foxkeh looks great in all of his wonderful wallpapers! He is such a great mascot for Mozilla Japan. I hope to see much more of his creations later on. Much love to the creators of Foxkeh.JP and the one and only Foxkeh!

~Foxkehs Stalker

conandor 2008/03/08 21:31

yeah. i do agree with Anonymous. foxkeh should try kendo nxt month :P

Richard 2008/03/11 04:37

Excelent page. Gretings for Argentina. C-you

Miiakeh 2008/03/12 03:15

Great wallpapers and the Foxkeh theme for Firefox is really good! I will be back for the April wallpaper. Thanks!

Dorje 2008/03/14 15:36

Too bad Foxkeh is out of touch with the rest of Japan in the support of Tibetans and against the Beijing Olympics. I suggest you drop this theme before students all over the world drop Firefox.

Catherine 2008/03/23 12:41

i love the march wallpaper and for the cool theme. thanks!!

Foxkeh lover 2008/03/26 16:58

um... how come the April calender didn't come out? Also the calenders are so awesome! Foxkeh is so cute! You should try kendo next month.

~ Foxkeh lover ~

happy code 2008/03/30 06:06

Foxkeh should fly a kite in the Spring. Can Foxkeh fly a dragon kite? Perhaps a Mozilla dragon?