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Hi everyone. Sorry for not writing in a while. We were busy hosting the Firefox Developers Conference in Tokyo. It was a great event thanks to the over 150 Mozilla community members who joined us.

We have posted new Foxkeh's wallpapers for July. This month's theme is Tanabata and Foxkeh's wish. Tanabata is rooted in Chinese history and is also one of the traditional festivals in Japan. We write some wishes on small paper strips to celebrate the festival on July 7.

Let's make a wish on a star with Foxkeh. His wish is to be an outstanding browser... Keep it up, Foxkeh!


mikko 2007/07/02 10:40

hi thats great wallpaper but
what about an extension that will make those
wallpapers updated ?

Fábio Emilio Costa 2007/07/03 04:46

Cute and cool wallpapers. Please, make it also Widescreen (for laptops). This should really be good.

melz 2007/07/21 23:44

Another vote for widescreen wallpapers here!

Anonymous 2007/07/30 21:35

where's august?