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Another month, more wallpapers! Here are new Foxkeh's wallpapers for August, now with eagerly-awaited widescreen versions especially for MacBooks.

Foxkeh is playing with sparklers on a hot summer night. Don't get burned, Foxkeh. By the way, his tail is... Don't worry, his flame is something special!

p.s. The "kayari buta" pig is a famous mosquito-repellent holder in Japan.


AlyM 2007/08/01 10:02

Thanks so much for these wonderful backgrounds. I just found your website a week or two ago through Mashable. You have a wonderful website, and its nice to just look at too!

Chengings 2007/08/03 18:47

Thank you for widescreen version. Foxkeh is very cute.

Josh Aas 2007/08/09 07:35

1920x1200 please!