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Foxkeh is more and more popular. He's even now available as a Spread Firefox! affiliate banner.

foxkeh-fx2-125x125: 1

Please visit the affiliates homepage at Spread Firefox! to download various Firefox, Thunderbird and now Foxkeh banners for your website, homepage or blog.


Phoenix 2007/08/22 11:47

Aww, Foxkeh is soo cute!

Love him to bits!

Where can I adopt him?

finferflu 2007/09/08 14:08

Wow! this is very cool :)
I am gonna use it on my website as soon as possible :)

Thanks for your work!

Abhijith 2007/12/27 19:56

Foxkeh is so sweet :-) How about making him an official logo of Firefox.... I've already used him as a header in my blog... I'm definitely going to tell all my friends about this via chain mail... Soooo cute!

mEsoL 2008/01/12 18:39

Lol, I used this button long time ago, but I didn't recognize it is Foxkeh, I thought it is a little Firefox

ila 2008/02/19 12:46

soooo cute!