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Hello, Foxkeh fans! Here are Foxkeh's new wallpapers for September. Foxkeh is staying relaxed in Japanese silver grass under an autumn sky. It's a good season to enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities in Japan. As you may know, we will hold Mozilla 24, a 24-hour Worldwide Community Event on the 15th and 16th of this month. For details, programs and registration, visit mozilla24.com. We hope you'll be joining us!


Patrick 2007/09/16 09:07


I want to have a mousepad with this picture but i need it in higher resolution that 1920*1200. So please can anyone send me this?

Greetings from Germany

Alejandro 2007/09/19 16:29

These wallpapers are great, thanks!
Would it be possible to offer the calendar versions with Monday as first day of the week?

october 2007/10/04 11:55

hm hopefully we'll get them a little beforehand? september is over and i want a new firefox oct wallpaper