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Here are the Foxkeh wallpapers for May! Foxkeh is trying Basketball this month.

Please keep providing your comments as to which sport you would like Foxkeh to try next month.


Foxkeh lover 2008/05/02 04:41

I really like this wallpaper ! Next month foxkeh should try waterskiing ^_^

Jean 2008/05/02 11:47

Thanks for the May calendar-- we love Foxkeh!

Yang 2008/05/02 23:01

Thanks for ur efforts!
i would say, don't forget Judo!

kettutyttö 2008/05/05 03:19

Thanks again! Foxkeh puts a smile on my face :)

Ryan 2008/05/06 20:51

Cute!~ i love it !

bryan 2008/05/07 06:48

although not exacctly a sport, i would love to see foxkeh either painting or playing dungeons and dragons :P

Mattie 2008/05/07 07:30

I've been using this wallpaper recently, and I can't help but smile everytime I boot my computer. Thanks for the lovely wallpaper~

kim 2008/05/08 01:31

the wallpaper is great but i would like to see foxkeh doing other things than sport. there has been a lot of sport lately. maybe something to do with the weather or scenery or something else....

CoDe 2008/05/08 20:32

It's very CUTE ~~~~~~~~ ^0^

Jim 2008/05/08 22:39

love this months, one of my personal favs! how about something a bit more traditional like pole vaulting, torch lighting, or the discus!

Nicky 2008/05/24 19:23

What if Foxkeh actually cared about human rights in Tibet instead of making money from Beijing? The wallpapers may look different: http://www.flickr.com/photos/22641130@N05/2520267384/

Sean 2008/05/25 19:59

Protesting the Olympics is pointless and backward. In fact, it makes you look like a jerk. The Games are held as a way for countries to set aside their differences and unite for a few weeks every two years.

s.l 2008/06/01 05:38

Foxkeh should try badminton

philipp 2008/06/01 14:12

Hi - what about some budo like Aikido ?!

shirish 2008/06/01 19:13

Hi guys,
Its the 3rd of June here, where's foxxeh?

Ryan 2008/06/01 20:53

Hello, where's the wallpaper for June?