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Sorry about the slight delay in providing Foxkeh Wallpapers of June. Here you are! This month, Foxkeh is trying soccer. Because of the short legs, he is not good at dribbling, but he is good at shooting, and then, he is trying overhead shoot!!

Please keep providing your comments as to which sport you would like Foxkeh to try next month.


arisu 2008/06/02 16:39

this isn't really a sport, but i'd love to see Foxkeh playing taiko!

Ryan 2008/06/02 20:45

Thanks! l love it!

Tama 2008/06/02 21:16

Foxkeh riding a motorcycle sounds cool ^^
or maybe playing golf using golf hat

Jeff 2008/06/03 17:37

Thanks for the nice & cute fox

elyach 2008/06/04 10:45

Foxkeh should try Badminton!!! ^_^

Mephitus 2008/06/04 17:23

has foxkeh tried hockey?

Anonymous 2008/06/08 23:03

What about bowling?!

C Fox 2008/06/09 06:22

Idea for later in the year : Foxkeh playing American (gridiron) football! :) The training camps for the NFL will be starting soon, and I know the sport has a following in Japan, too.

anon 2008/06/12 18:59

Hi, when will foxkeh theme for firefox 3 be ready?

kim 2008/06/13 16:26

i commented last month about foxkeh always being about sport hes very cute but i would like to see something other than sport please. do you agree?

Mel 2008/06/17 13:04

Sweet he is soooo cute! I love him. Maybe you should do some type of martial arts and have him in a little ninja costume!

Leann 2008/06/17 21:23

I love Foxkeh! I just updated my firefox browser to Firefox 3.0 and I miss my Foxkeh theme!!

Wayne 2008/06/18 12:19

I would also love for the theme to be updated for firefox3! :)

Twebber 2008/06/19 15:05

Yeah I also miss the Foxkeh theme! Oh and have him try out some lacrosse or swimming! Tip for other people that miss Foxkeh: there is an add-on called Together With Foxkeh, it fills up your browser with photos of him! Please update your buttons that say get Firefox 2 to get Firefox 3!

bluebell_rose 2008/06/20 15:34

yeah it's cute. I miss him on my browser. I've taken to using portable firefox so I can have cute little foxkeh

TwinShadow 2008/06/21 23:30

An idea for the next sport? How about swimming or tennis perhaps? Especially for the month of July, swimming.
Also, I think this years theme happens to be sports, where-as last year's theme was something around weather or general life stuff. Something like that anyway.

Zed 2008/06/22 20:54

Foxkeh is great! When can we expect the upgrade for FF3? O:-)

Leo 2008/06/26 15:12

hey try tennis or ping pong

Aleksandra 2008/06/27 14:07

I updated to new Firefox as well and I miss Foxkeh!! Now my firefox windows are dull and empty without him and the orange stars/flowers! I'm eagerly waiting for Foxkeh to visit the new firefox! *^3^*

TY 2008/06/29 20:11

I would love to see Foxkeh playing Rugby! Archery would look cute too. :) And yes, I also miss my Foxkeh theme after upgrading to Firefox 3.

enzopitek 2008/06/30 00:44

Japan wins the first Asian Five Nations in Rugby so Foxkeh should wear the "Cherry Blossom" shirt.