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With the first half of 2008 over, we are are happy to provide the Foxkeh Wallpaper for July. This month, Foxkeh is skindiving. Swimming with fish in the ocean, he is enjoying the living sea.

We also updated the Foxkeh banners for Firefox3. Please put one on your blog to promote Firefox 3!

Finally, our apologies about the delay of the Foxkeh Theme for Firefox 3. It's coming. Please stay tuned!


Réjôme 2008/06/30 02:33

Congratulations for your great work but...
the calendar beginning on monday is wrong !
The 01/07 is a thuesday, and not a thursday !
Please go on with the good work ;-)

negoro 2008/06/30 02:51

Hi, Réjôme, Thank you for noticing our error. We are correcting that and will provide the right one soon. Thanks again!

Roulette 2008/06/30 05:19

Aww, how cute. He's trying to avoid getting his tail wet. :D

foxpup 2008/07/01 16:04

Another excellent creation. Extremely high on the cuteness scale. Gotta love it. :-)

Ryan 2008/07/01 22:23

cool, i feel refreshing~

Zac, Atlanta 2008/07/02 05:33

yay! foxkeh 3! :D

Dom G 2008/07/02 08:37

I'm going to try out Firefox 3, the portable version, but I won't fully download it until the foxkeh theme is finished. I love the theme in Firefox 2 and never taken it off. I can't wait for version 3!!

stupid little genius 2008/07/02 12:02

Can't wait for foxkeh for FF3!! I'm not downloading Firefox3 until it's available!!

LigerZero 2008/07/09 09:24

Thx for cute Foxkeh
by the way is any update on extention name together with foxkeh ? or new FoxKeh Them on FireFox 3

Stifu 2008/07/09 10:00

I couldn't find contact information on this site, so I thought I'd report here.
On the Body parts page (http://www.foxkeh.com/downloads/parts/), some links are wrong. For example, Body 2, 3a and 3b have the wrong link for the SVG file (all pointing to body01.svg). Also, the Body 3b preview image (the Foxkeh arm) doesn't fit the image you get from the Body 3b links.

Kohei Yoshino 2008/07/09 21:00

Thank you for pointing errors! Fixed the links.

Deko Atarien 2008/07/15 15:22

I suggest Foxkeh to be jumping in a pile of leaves next month or Foxkeh Throwing a Football. :3

foxlover 2008/07/20 06:50

Foxkeh should try training for a marathon. And in August, maybe you could do an olympic theme? Just a suggestion. :)
Keep up the good work on the cutest fox ever!

Asg 2008/07/23 03:44

some news for the new theme ?

Alex 2008/07/23 23:10

Hey if you want a Foxkeh-like theme then download AnyColor, it has a Foxkeh theme for FF3 :D

TwinShadow 2008/07/24 05:22

Hm, I'm very cautious around experimental themes/extensions, and not only that, I'm on Linux. (which the theme is 'only' available on Windows it seems for now) Although it does have a Foxkeh preset, but I wouldn't use an experimental. I don't know about others though...

Anyway, I'll wait for the official theme. Could use an update on the progress though.

Smartboy 2008/07/27 11:28

I saw that on the parts page, the SVGs were exported so there is a slight bug that prevents them from being opened in standards-compliant SVG editors like Inkscape. The simple fix was to replace the content of id in the symbol element with head and to replace the xref=href link in use with #head. See this page (http://www.inkscapeforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=1331) for more info. If it could be corrected that would be great! Nice work on teh Foxkeh stuff as always! :)

Lion King 2008/07/30 18:39

Keep up the Nice work and try to lodge the new ones early b4 the month starts, waiting for the August wall paper ....

Regards ...

Davo 2008/07/31 06:33

I guess the Olympics theme (gymnastics, specifically) was chosen! For those itching for a new August wallpaper, you can download them now at the Japanese site: http://foxkeh.jp/downloads/wallpapers/.