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Here are the Foxkeh wallpapers for August! Foxkeh is trying gymnastics this month. Please let us know as to which sport you would like Foxkeh to try next month.


foxiewire.com 2008/08/01 14:12

Foxkeh wallpapers, August 2008 —

Here are the


Me 2008/08/01 11:21

When are you gonna release the Foxkeh Them for Firefox 3?

The Sacred Phoenix 2008/08/02 01:04

Love the new month's background =)

I would love even more if Foxkeh for Firefox 3 came out though ;)

Keep up the good work!

foxpup 2008/08/02 04:32

6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 and another 6.0!!!!!

I think 6.0 is as good as it gets. :-)

Other sports: (trying to think of good summer games rather than winter)
Hang Gliding?
Pine Box Derby?
American Football? (might be a bit early)
100m Hurdles?

At least that is a few other sports to consider having Foxkeh participate in. :-)

Keep up the great work!!

Alex 2008/08/03 04:11

Hah, great one! I thought, maybe he could do:


TsuKata 2008/08/03 19:30

And Foxkeh nails the landing!

I would like to see Foxkeh do fencing!

Caçapa 2008/08/04 00:46

I want to see Foxkeh getting into some Brazilian Capoeira!

Foxkeh 2008/08/04 01:33

Foxkeh does a fart as he lands!

RamenGirl 2008/08/04 11:07

Wow, I love Foxkeh, he's so cute! I'd say Volleyball, Tennis, or Table Tennis(Ping-Pong). n.n

bren 2008/08/04 17:56

volleyball or tennis would be really good sports for foxkeh to try... i LOVE all the wallpapers you guys think of!!

Kawai 2008/08/05 10:32

How about Foxkeh with BodyBuilding O.o

Mephitus 2008/08/07 11:53

has he tried auto racing? (rally racing, not circuit)
id love to see foxkeh in a renault ;)

altho considering his age it might be better for him to try go-cart racing first...

PS wheres the FF3 theme???

Azure 2008/08/11 07:08

Maybe for September Foxkeh should be shown walking to School, since most people are returning to their education around September 2nd-3rd.

blogcritic 2008/08/11 16:06

Hmmm...the next sport...well, I would say badminton if that is not already done, or...fox hunting? :P :P

foxylady 2008/08/11 16:11

I would agree on the badminton one, blogcritic, and that was very funny about the hunting. ;) I'm not shouting here, I just don't know how to make it italicized: HE DOESN'T FART WHEN HE LANDS, THAT'S A SUPER-AWESOME JAPANESE ANIMATION THINGY.

Jay_White 2008/08/12 01:19

Azure is right.. Sport is cool, but september is the school time =)

TwinShadow 2008/08/12 04:20

Hm. I suppose the school time would be the theme for September. But there are those who start in August still, but most these days are turning to September. So, here's my suggestion: our cute little Foxkeh carrying school-books.

And, the FF3 theme. XD Been quite a wait so far and no information as to any updates about it.

Pan 2008/08/14 03:22

Maybe he could do show jumping? Whit a horse, or maybe even by himself?