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Foxkeh's new wallpapers for October are ready to dress up your desktop! The theme of this month is Halloween. Foxkeh is getting into a jack-o'-lantern made with a big pumpkin. His eerie eternal flame lights in the darkness... (Are you scared? No way! ;)


Living Better 2007/10/03 01:01

Get Foxken’s wallpapers every month automatically — I saw a link of October Foxkeh wallpaper through del.icio.us. It led me to this post. Can you resist such cutest character? Because of cuteness, I wrote a script for automatic downloading every month in case I miss one.It is written for GNOME. You can...


Argh 2007/10/01 23:27

Hi, great site.

If it isn't too much of a hassle, could you create a version of the Calendar wallpapers where weeks starts with Monday instead of Sunday?

That's what we use here in Sweden, and probably alot of other European countries aswell.

(Found your site on "Mozilla Links")

Mackley 2007/10/02 09:54

It's fantastic!

Frank 2007/10/09 08:28

From what I can find Halloween is not part on the Japanese culture. I look forward each month for a new look into the culture Foxkeh is growing up in. Pitty this month Foxkeh has moved West.