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Two years ago on September 1st, 20068, Foxkeh was born (Japanese blog post.)

Today, we're happy to announce both the 2nd birthday of Foxkeh as well as the release of the Foxkeh theme for Firefox 3.


As with the previous version of the theme, when the page is loading, Foxkeh wil run in the upper right-hand corner to get you your webpage. (Note that Foxkeh will not be present if you use the small icons in Firefox.) For those of you who were waiting for this or are new to Firefox, please give the Foxkeh theme a try.

Install the Foxkeh Theme

How to use the Foxkeh theme for Firefox 3:

  1. Install Firefox 3. (If you are already using Firefox 3, please skip step 1.)
  2. Click to the Mozilla Add-ons page for the Foxkeh Theme and click on the green "Add to Firefox" button.
  3. Read the end user license agreement and click on the "Accept and Install" green button.
  4. Firefox will install the theme from the Mozilla Add-ons site.
  5. Once the theme is installed, you must restart Firefox to see the theme.  Select "restart Firefox."
  6. You're using the Foxkeh theme in Firefox 3!
As Foxkeh is now 2 years old, he will be doing more and more promotions of Firefox. Although Foxkeh started out as a mascot for Mozilla in Japan, he's become a world traveler and is now seen at the Firefox Support Live Chat page. Please support Foxkeh as he explores the greater world wide web.


여우@보금자리 2008/09/10 18:00

파이어폭스를 귀여운 폭스케 스타일로 꾸미기 — 모질라 파이어폭스 폭스케 스타일 지난번에 Foxkeh 테마로 불여우 겉모양을 바꿔봤으니, 이번에는 관련 부가 기능을 이용해서 불여우 자체를 간단히 폭스케 스타일로 꾸며 보도록 하죠. 1. Foxkeh Theme를 설치합니다. Foxkeh 테마를 설치해서 불여우 테마를 폭스케 스타일로 변경합니다. 2. フォクすけといっしょ 확장 기능을 설치합니다. Hadakadenkyu가 만든 フォクすけといっしょ(폭스케와 함께) 확장 기능을 설치하면 아래 그림과 같이..

Counting Beans 2008/09/15 20:16

Foxkeh’s birthday! — Being an avid Firefox user I’ve become accustomed to its powerful extensions and themeing capabilities.  So it was pleasant to stumble upon this link to Foxkeh’s blog.  If you didn’t know, Foxkeh is the official mascot of Firefox t...

Der MozillaBlog 2008/11/10 13:24

Ach wie süß… — Auch mal was für die Mädels in unserer Leserschaft: Mozilla kommt zwar aus Amerika, hat aber auch eine Tochter in Japan. Mozilla Japan eben. Und dass die Japaner alle ganz knuddelig-niedlich drauf sind, wissen wir hier im Westen nicht erst seit Ta...


FennecFox 2008/09/05 03:10

Hooray! Thanks, Mozilla Japan! I was waiting for a long time. Very cute Foxkeh 3.0 theme.

shan 2008/09/05 04:09

yeah! so happy to see Foxkeh running on my FF3. 有賀とございます!!!

Jay_White 2008/09/05 06:12

Thank you so much for this!!!

Rochelle 2008/09/05 11:57

I waited for this for so long. I'm so happy I could cry! Thank you for all your hard work! The theme is wonderful!

Kat 2008/09/05 13:23

I like the theme (Foxkeh is so cute!), but it's a wee bit...orange....

It would be nice if there were some other color options! :-)

Neko 2008/09/05 22:07

Thank you!!

Btw. It will not work correctly with upcoming 3.1 :(

HiMe 2008/09/06 14:04

Thank you so much! I've been waiting for this version. XD

Shiriko1989 2008/09/06 17:51

Thank You so MUCH!!!!!!!!!! XD
This is so CUTE!!!! Especially seeing Foxkeh running on the top right~~~~~~~ ^______^

Rachel 2008/09/06 20:38

Holy cow! this theme is so freakin adorable! thanks! =^.^=

Stifu 2008/09/07 03:02

"Two years ago on September 1st, 2008" <--- you mean 2006, obviously

By the way, I tried the Foxkeh theme, it's nice and all, but I have a feeling it's a tad slow, on the computer I tried it on... Highlighting buttons or tabs is far from instantaneous, sometimes. Maybe too many CSS effects were used (rounded corners, transparency...). Oh, and the first time I highlight a tab, it shows up as light blue, then turns orange, which is what made me think there is some transparency being used.

That said, thanks for the theme, that'll make my girlfriend happy.

TwinShadow 2008/09/07 07:25

I've seen this on the Japanese site for Foxkeh (though I can't understand it, but Google Translations help a little to make an understanding a little bit), but there's a few bugs in the theme, probably only apparent on Linux. It's mentioned already in the JP blog comment a bit ways down (search for a PNG image), but to save some trouble...
The basic problem is that I don't have a scrollbar on the right side of the browser. (as it does on other themes and the liking) Dialog boxes such as the "OK" and "Close" buttons don't have a box around them, but just plain text instead. There is also another, rather annoying bug, that the Find system in the theme is also broken, as it doesn't work, where-as it does in other themes.
Overall, I'm glad to see it released for FF3, just wish these bugs are fixed before I use it full-time. I honestly can't say if Windows users are affected by this, but I'm on Linux right now, and have no access to Windows.

Federico Gervasoni 2008/09/07 09:25

Al finnnn! :d
Hace meses que tengo el blog en RSS para ver esta noticia. Muchas gracias Mozilla Japan :)
Desde Argentina

Kas 2008/09/08 20:01

I love it! But the only thing missing is that spinning head on the tabs. I liked it better than the flower spinning..

Siri 2008/09/09 02:14

I love the Foxkeh theme! He is too cute! I instantly badgered my friends to download firefox just to have his cuteness!

Tessa 2008/09/09 13:30

Thank you i love Foxkeh so much!!! :D

Sam 2008/09/11 03:12

Great theme, although the close buttons on each tab could do with being shifted a few pixels to the left.

DArKer 2008/09/11 08:35

So cute!!!
but scroll bar is not appear and menu with mouse hover is not hilighted.

KanKan 2008/09/13 08:03

I like this theme so much but unfortunately i cant dl it.It comes wif error while i m dl-ing.Izzit cant fix mozilla 3.1?

Leila 2008/09/13 08:13

Hmmm, I don't download the skin, but I do use the backgrounds and buttons! He's adorable!

- 2008/09/14 15:58

Foxkeh's Ass is on Fire!! >;)

DarkPhoenix 2008/09/15 06:18

Um, think you can do something about menu items not being highlighted when you hover over them? This is sort of annoying, simply because it's expected.

Anonymous 2008/09/23 03:06

Oh, It's very nice. Thank you so mush for your creative!!!

TomBStonE 2008/09/23 13:41

I love it !

DArKer 2008/09/23 21:21

It's not work correctly with Linux.

Shae 2008/09/25 06:47

Thank you so very much for the sweetest theme ever. I love it!! :3

Jackie 2008/09/25 10:26

Thanks for spreading more cute from Japan! I love Kawaii (Japanese cute stuff)!

throwuparainbow@aim.com 2008/09/25 19:13

I love this! It's so cute! Love the little fox at the top right corner of my screen ^ ^

Rahul 2008/09/25 19:54



nice work dude... :)

Greenery 2008/09/27 01:50

Foxkeh Theme for Firefox is messed up in Linux. I'm using Kubuntu KDE4 and they're some missing lines and bunch of others issues with it. Hope you guys can fix it ASAP.

FazzMunkle 2008/09/27 09:39

I LOVE THIS THEME! It's so cute it's crazy.

But it does have some bugs. I'm using FF3 in Ubuntu 8.04 (up to date) and scroll bars in text entry fields (like this one) and FF3's find-web-page feature (the bar at the bottom) is dead. :( Pwease pwease fix this. I want to use this theme, but I can't because of how I use FF3.

Constantine 2008/09/28 04:00

thanks sooo much for this...thanks for making this wonderful theme.i really LOVEEEEE foxkeh!!!!!!!!!!!

TwinShadow 2008/09/28 09:33

I'm rather glad I'm not the only one with the issue. I'm using Linux Mint, based off of Ubuntu, but I wonder if other Linux distros is affected... Regardless, I really hope this will be fixed.

dsdashun 2008/09/30 18:08

It is such a lovely theme on Firefox, but there are some bugs when I point to the bookmark bar, the apperance is not so cute

Schalken 2008/10/03 02:35

It's completely broken on Linux. :(

xi-oxygen 2008/10/12 03:09

Many thanks

because of your new update, I use firefox 3.0 again.

bin 2008/10/15 22:18

hi. this theme is very good, but I can't find
scroll bar and when I use 'find' the button of find screen is not working ^^

Beagle 2008/10/18 03:48

Thanks for the theme. It's worth for waiting. :-)

roxie 2008/10/19 04:16

I CAN'T install it T____T! and I have firefox 3 T____T nyaaa!!!

A Linux User 2008/10/25 17:44

It's still broken... and still there's no official acknowledgement of the problem.

EEE user 2008/11/13 05:03

YAY!!!!!! It's soo cute!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Mozzila Japan for updating Foxkeh

STILL BROKEN 2008/11/14 11:14


Just system requirement 2008/11/17 08:05

Maybe because it doesn't support Linux now.

TwinShadow 2008/11/18 15:19

I'll be a little honest that it is stupid to have themes just on Windows and not work correctly for users on Linux. (like me and a few others here) I do wish the devs would fix this theme up some so it would work correctly. It would be one theme I'd love to have that works.

EverLearner 2008/11/24 22:51

Love this theme, especially when the little fox is running with its tail burning :P However it's broken in Linux. I'm using Ubuntu 8.10 and FF 3.04. Hope this problem can be fixed soon so that I could show off this theme :P

Arigatou and thanks~

FlutterbyFawn 2008/11/25 09:26

Foxkeh is so cute! LOVE IT!!!! How about some other color options besides orange though? That would be awesome! Thanks :)

Some Linux user 2008/11/28 20:39

this doesnt work in the linux version of firefox. shame, really. its a really, really nice theme. i was sure it would work because firefox and linux are open source and stuff.

firefox isnt even very usable when this theme is applied in linux. i hope this gets attention.

does this work in mac? there is no way i am using windows.

Hen Asraf 2008/11/29 14:21

For some reason, Foxkeh theme doesn't cover all the default icons on Firefox for me, and the bookmarks toolbar stays like in the default Firefox. I really like this theme and I want maybe a mirror to the theme, maybe it doesn't download right? Or another possible solution? Thanks n.n
Please reply to me at dokueki [at] gmail.com, as I don't think I can be notified on comments for mine here...

incubuzph 2008/12/03 18:55

do you have any other color for this theme?? ag reen and blue theme for this would be nice.. thanks..

Rolups 2008/12/10 11:10

I discovered Foxkeh a while ago on a Windows platform and found this theme particularly cute. As I today use both Windows and Linux, I noticed several important bugs on the Linux version of the theme...
For example : I have no scrollbar, buttons are not visible (even if they work when I click on their area), and the search functionality does not work at all. The problem comes from Foxkeh for Linux because other themes offer these functionalities on the same Firefox, and because they do not appear on the Windows version (maybe that is the most frustrating...). I use Ubuntu 8.0.4. Any solution ?

kikarama 2008/12/21 09:18

i have this theme i downloaded it from the customize theme part of mozilla firefox and i lv it! i espeacily lv the little foxkeh in the corner of my screen when i'm on firefox!

Anonymous 2009/01/13 01:47

not working with FF 3.0.5

phil 2009/01/23 10:37

Great theme, thank you!
It have two major bugs:
1. No scrollbar at all, also, no window and menu borders.
2. It overrides ColorfulTabs tab coloring, I used to quickly switch tabs colored by URL.

Kerby 2009/02/04 04:52

Just had my computer wiped.. got FF back on and woah.. its just not the same without Foxkeh.. this is a FF Essential.

Benihime 2009/02/07 05:19

I was using this theme on SUSE 10.1, KDE 3.5 with Firefox 2, it worked perfectly. When I got FF3, using Mandriva 2009, KDE 4.1, I had the same issues related here: lateral scrollbar is missing, 'find' browser function doesn't work, it doesn't highlight text in selections of menus, botton borders don't appear. But I'd like so much to continue using this cute theme, I'm a huge fan of manga/anime and Japanese related things, so it is perfect in looks. Please, consider Linux users ;-)

dreamltf 2009/02/14 02:23

I like it very much

but it can't work with Ubuntu8.1.0+Firefox3.0.6 Unfortunately

SaigonNezumi (Kevin) 2009/02/19 17:21

Great theme but unfortunately it is broken in Gran Paradiso (Firefox 3.0.6) under Arch Linux.

I love the running foxkeh :-)

spyrinq 2009/03/17 07:33

Just downloaded and used this theme. I like it very much except that, when I open multiple tabs, the 'close tab' button of the last tab is hidden behind the cute fox on the top right and I can't click that button. I know I will have no problem if I open the bookmark toolbar but mine is always turned off (I use Firefox on Mac). It's quite annoying to right click and choose 'close tab' every time I wanted to close the tab. It would be good if you could fix this problem. I will appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Panthera 2009/03/20 10:23

Please make some other colors. Love the Foxkeh -- hate the orange background!

Monmon 2009/04/28 10:21

why is there no animation on the top right? do I have to activate it somewhere?

DNA 2009/04/30 03:00

Can you please fix this theme so it will work in Linux? Seriously, it's been around for half a year already, I don't think it's hard or even tim-consuming for you.

FOXKEHISCUE 2009/05/11 02:02

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Wait for new theme~ 2009/07/15 01:52

I'm longing for the new theme which is suitable for Firefox 3.5

Studio Nti 2009/08/12 11:42

Please update cute Foxkeh Theme for 3.5+ version!
Thank you!

Nuri 2009/08/15 19:26

still wait for Foxkeh 3.5 =w=

It's look cool !

Totalvegetarian 2009/08/15 20:05

I just updated my Firefox to version 3.5.2 and if I had known that I would lose my little fox I would of not of done this. I am very disappointed that I have lost my little fox. Please fix it so I can use the firefox theme. If not will please tell me how I can downgrade back to the one version down from 3.5.2. Thank You very much.

ChiGo 2009/08/17 08:20

I loved this Theme.. and then I upgraded Firefox up to Firefox 3.5 and the Theme isn't compatible.. I'm so sad.. T-T

Yoshiaki 2009/08/19 06:03

It's sad to know that foxkeh theme doesn't work in firefox's new version.

Will Foxkeh theme be updated? If so, could you please create new colors as well?

By the way, Thank you from Brazil!