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Today is Halloween! You cannot update the wallpaper for October yet, but here is the November wallpaper for your desktop. Foxkeh admires the changing colors of autumn leaves. This is the best season to visit Japan for Momijigari!


Jim 2007/11/01 20:59

Foxkeh's sheer cuteness will never cease to amaze me!

Argh 2007/11/14 23:23

Nice wallpapers.

How about a version where Monday is the first day of the week instead of Sunday ?
This is standard here in Sweden, and probably in some other countries.

Neehnahw 2007/11/27 06:22

So cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! Thank you!

Philip 2007/12/01 00:59

I'm eagerly expecting wall papers for Dec 2007.

Thank you!