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Foxkeh's December wallpapers are finally available!! Wearing the knit beanie, scarf and mittens which he got as gifts, Foxkeh is enjoying the first snow of the season. Stay with Foxkeh, and you will never feel cold thanks to his fire tail!


Philip 2007/12/01 04:53

Very cute~~


Javiera 2007/12/02 09:46

^.^ it's so cute!!

thanks for the calendar. I need one.

firefox rules!!

natalie lumbreras 2007/12/03 16:43

<3 that very cute

negorin 2007/12/06 08:35

Hello, Johnny. You can get the one by installing personas. Please check the below website.

Johnny 2007/12/06 10:08

thx u! rly thx!

Johnny 2007/12/06 10:09

Negorin, thx u, rly thx!

Mumoo 2007/12/06 18:01

thank you for wallpaper calender artwork.
It very cute.
ขอบคุณคับ ปฏิทินนารักมากคับ ^_^

Zakhar 2007/12/06 19:00

suggestion: http://dnpmo.com/2007/12/01/foxkeh-wallpapers/
There should be a Foxkeh Wallpaper downloader. Obviously it should be open source. It should run on OSX, Windows, and Linux. It should automatically grab the wallpaper (with user-chosen dimensions) and install that wallpaper each month.

Yan 2007/12/15 07:08

that's awesome!~
i like it