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Please let us apologize for the delayed announcement. The November Foxkeh wallpapers are now available. This month, the theme is ice hockey, which is a winter sport most popular in North America. As it is sometimes called a "martial art on ice" will Foxkeh be ok in this rough-and-tumble sport? Although Foxkeh is not wearing his helmet in this image, of course in a real game he would wear his helmet for safety. Also Foxkeh can use his flaming tail to block attacks, so he would be a formidable opponent.


fox 2008/11/11 01:32

very nice!

b 2008/11/11 11:04

YAY!! Thank you! Foxkeh is sooo cute!!

Philip 2008/11/12 23:57

So cute!

Though a bit late...

Marcus 2008/11/13 17:23

I think the September one is better, no offense.

Roua KoS 2008/11/14 07:58

He is cute as usual >w<. However I'm using the September wallpaper now just because I modified my desktop theme to be green.
Maybe I should try to modify the theme again so that it would be match with other background.

Oda 2008/11/14 11:34

How lovely! This will be my wallpaper the rest of November. Yes!
Will he be ski jumping, or perhaps bobsledding next month? I can't wait!

Fox 2008/11/15 13:26

Very nice ! good job ! thank you ^^
I wait the next month impatiently!

Ulli 2008/11/18 05:52

You do a great job. Thank you so much! :)
But I have an important question: How about the Foxkeh plush toys? When will there be a mass production? Please, there has to be one. Soon! Perfect gift for christmas...

b 2008/11/20 15:58


Jean 2008/11/24 17:11

Thanks so much for Foxkeh wallpapers!

Sai 2008/12/01 21:39

How do I get a Foxkeh plushie?

Wei 2008/12/03 22:10

This is so cute and wondeful,but I'm late for intall

Chert 2008/12/07 06:52

LOL Japan...They so have the monopoly on cuteness ^_^...not to mention sushi. Does Foxkeh like sushi??
I love the theme. I love Foxkeh.
One more thing. Cursors. Animated cute little fox cursors...I mean, if you guys are bored and all you could make some...pretty please?