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It’s finally here! The Foxkeh theme for Firefox!

Foxkeh Theme screenshot will show up when you click the link

With this theme, you can enjoy a little Foxkeh running while pages load. Try it and have fun with him!

Here are the instructions for how to set up the Foxkeh theme:

  • 1. Install Firefox
  • 2. With Firefox, click the above link and click the green install button of the download page.
  • 3. When the software installation dialog shows up, click the “Install Now” button
  • 4. Add-ons dialog appeares automatically and installation will start
  • 5. After installation, click the “Themes” icon and you will see a list of themes
  • 6. Choose Foxkeh Theme 1.0 and click “Use Theme” button
  • 7. Restart Firefox
  • Foxkeh Theme is only for Firefox 2. If you use a previous version, please update to Firefox 2 before installing this theme.


    Jesse 2007/12/19 01:16

    Aw, I love the running animation! :D

    Is there a full-resolution animation somewhere?

    Toshio 2007/12/19 16:33

    Nice, finally, I love this theme! :P. I like Foxkeh running when the page loads ^_^.

    Geo 2007/12/19 19:01

    Is Foxkeh Theme going to be available for Firefox 3? I'd hate having to lose the theme when the Final release comes out soon.

    Ryan 2007/12/19 21:18

    very nice! i love this theme and Foxkeh too! keep doing great work!

    Manta 2007/12/20 13:52

    Would love a copy of the theme for Thunderbird!

    Jefferi Sow 2007/12/21 08:49

    Hope can develop in theme especially the loading running animation! but it only running while loading, if it can move or doing some actions while after finish loaded pages, it will look likes living in the browser. And dun forget to create a search home page theme to match the theme ya ^^" sorry for if not understand my poor English.

    Gab_tekSage 2007/12/22 11:08

    Je voudrais savoir s'il va y avoir d'autre themes
    I whis to know if there will be others themes, colors, stuff and graphics. the little fox is so cute !
    hi ih ha ha !
    Salutations !

    Majken 2007/12/23 10:22

    If you link to https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/6198 it'll automatically detect people's locale, rather than taking us to the japanese page. Of course we all know the green download button by now, but it's neat how that works.

    Santy Clause 2007/12/23 14:54

    What a lovely christmas present :)
    Hope to see a version for Fx3 in the future! It works pretty good already, noticed a problem with the image preview for tab icons, missing text and wrong size for some buttons and no background for text boxes (those that list the history for form fields and the popup when you click the favicon).

    http://i6.tinypic.com/8gdoj7s.png (6 entries censored in the manager)

    2007/12/23 20:12

    alt attribute of the screenshot img is Japanese.
    It should be English.

    Schalken 2007/12/24 02:57

    Unfortunately the theme is a bit broken under Linux: http://schalken.wubbles.net/foxkehtheme.png

    The main toolbar is much thicker/taller than it should be. :(

    (Using Ubuntu 7.10/Gutsy with Clearlooks theme)

    Andrew 2007/12/24 06:34

    Firefox hangs when the extension Tab Mix Plus (tmp.garyr.net) loads the session manager dialog.
    This is under Windows XP, but I doubt it's specific to the OS.

    BTW, I love the Foxkeh extension.

    negorin 2007/12/25 17:43

    thank for the correction. The link is now fixed.

    Thanks for the notification.The message is in English now.

    D-san 2007/12/26 17:51

    In my case the Firefox do not hang, the session manager window simply do not appear correctly.
    Fortunately the close button still showing so you can close the dialog window and continue use Firefox. Well, it's just first release so it's natural if there are some mistakes. There are still a lot rooms to improve this theme.

    And thx for the cute theme! (^^)

    a s h 2007/12/27 09:59

    looove it! so kawaii! especially the animated Foxkeh running at the top of my page! ^^ but if only you could do something about the tabs..... it should have more Foxkeh colours!

    Star 2007/12/29 08:48

    I love this theme, but for some reason my fox doesn't run like everyone else says it does. It's just a fox head that spins. Could anyone tell me why that is and maybe how to fix it?

    Star 2007/12/29 09:06

    Oops! Nevermind, I figured out why. I had my toolbar options set to small icons. So cute! But yes it would be even cuter if he could sit when not downloading, or maybe even yawn or clean himself like a cat. Oh wait, foxes don't do that, do they?

    Star 2007/12/29 09:10

    Oh and one more question: I love this foxkeh guy so much! Is there a way to get him on my start page or something? I would love to see something like the Foxkeh Blog home page when I open Firefox!

    Polyhead 2008/01/01 17:59

    Crap contrast, poor choice of colors. Just a piss poor theme. cute, but piss poor.

    Rosco277 2008/01/02 15:19

    I have a Q. It didn't load when I installed it! What should I do? I even tried doing it 2 times!!! :(

    Kitty 2008/01/04 05:19

    I love this theme! Make more okay?

    cartman 2008/01/04 15:48

    Firefox3 version pleeeeeeeeease? :)

    shc 2008/01/08 07:49

    incompatible with GMAIL Manager extension. It will cause 4 icons to be displayed on gmail manager....

    Stuart 2008/01/10 06:48

    esta muy bonito el tema para Firefox. simpatico el Foxkeh corriendo cuando carga una pagina. :)

    Sandy 2008/01/11 07:19

    My wife and I love this theme. Currently using it on OS X, and Gmail Manager works just fine.

    Rebecca 2008/01/12 03:02

    I love the new "foxheh theme"! but there's still room to improve. Maybe next time you update the theme you could change the colour of the loading meter on the status bar to something to do with the theme... oh & maybe you could edit the scroll bars to something to do with the theme also.
    I love the theme tho just recommending some other things too :) keep up the great work!

    Hannah 2008/01/26 16:36

    Oh my goodness. Eek! It is so cute! The running. The Flower Bars are cute too! Awwww! I ♥ Foxkeh!

    David 2008/01/26 22:34

    It's adorable! I hope you get this working with Firefox3 soon, what with being the official mascot 'n all. :)

    Špik 2008/01/29 00:53

    Sadly, as previously mentioned, tab mix plus, options dialogues are too small to be used and cannot be resized when using this theme so it is back to the default for me :'(

    Brad "DJ 9-Volt" Paine 2008/01/31 11:44

    New Foxkeh fan here, I like the theme. It is well designed. Have not installed it yet but will as soon as I get a chance.

    I have fallen in live with Foxkeh

    Lovingly 2008/02/06 12:57

    Absolutely LOVE this theme and Foxkeh or Foxsuke! SO CUTE!!

    Angelus 2008/02/07 06:06

    Love the theme! It's very cute. :D

    Baylie 2008/02/07 13:49

    OMG I love this heme!! Foxkeh is sooo cute, I must find a fox cursor now! :D

    The Fox Box 2008/02/12 10:34

    OMG! Foxkeh - KAWAIIIII!!!!

    バニラ湯 2008/02/17 22:49

    ありがとう! 大好きやこのテーマ!

    leoliger 2008/02/27 14:18

    I love this theme yes, have an updated version of this theme. I just love it!

    Also, along with another comment, can you make one for Thunderbird too?!

    Sultana 2008/02/28 15:53

    I love the Foxkeh theme, such a cute addition to my computer :) I would like to make a request if a theme can be made for the Thunderbird mailbox program. I would love to have matching themes for both my Firefox and Thunderbird :)

    Anonymous 2008/03/07 17:52

    This is so CUTE!!!! Alas, if you would only make it compatible for ie.

    Anonymous 2008/03/10 16:24

    Can we get a Firefox 3 update please?
    So cute!

    Kohei Yoshino 2008/03/10 21:36

    Sorry, but we don't support any beta versions of Firefox, as the Foxkeh Theme is intended for end-users.

    Aleijda 2008/03/23 09:50

    Love the theme, but I have a problem.
    Everyone talks about running foxkeh but on my computer he only turns his head around. And I would love to have a running fox!!!!!!

    negorin 2008/03/23 17:47

    Hi, Aleijda. Thank you for the comment on foxkeh theme. You can see the running foxkeh by removing check mark of "use small icons" in toolbar customize. To open toolbar customize, Click View->Toolbar->customize. Hope this information helps you find out running foxkeh.

    Aleijda 2008/03/25 10:00

    Thanks, I did what you said and yes now I have this very cute fox running around, even my ten year old son wanted this theme on his computer.
    We're hooked on Foxkeh.

    Sasaki 2008/03/27 19:49

    It's so cute! I absolutely love having Foxkeh infest my browser! :3
    Could you get a seperate .gif image of Foxkeh running?

    Mai 2008/04/10 17:20

    I'm using your Foxkeh Fire Fox theme and it really lovely. I have a request, could you make it to WindowBlind theme ^_^

    Cyn 2008/04/15 07:37

    Love the running foxkeh; really like the color choices -- my eyes are tired of stark black print on white pages.
    Not too fond of the rotating foxkeh head on the tabs -- a little too "The Exorcist" for my taste!
    Are any more foxkeh theme variations coming out soon?

    Yuthana 2008/04/18 18:45

    very cute! I like it :-)

    Patrick 2008/04/21 02:28

    this theme is great, but I can't use it, since I use Firefox 3 Beta 5. It would be really nice if you could make it work under Firefox 3!

    nikki 2008/04/22 13:22

    i LOVE this theme, but recently upgraded my foxfire to the beta version. can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEASEEEEEEEE set this theme up for foxfire 3 beta 5! please!!!!

    Angela 2008/04/25 03:03

    Owh! I'm using FoxKeh theme now! I just love the way he runs at the right of my browser...he's just so kawaii!

    p/s:The same theme for Firefox 3 would be great -_^

    Neko 2008/04/29 10:07

    I hope we'll see Firefox 3 theme soon :)

    harris 2008/05/14 08:05

    ahhhh so cute, so kawai, i melted right away

    Marie 2008/05/24 00:03

    So cute, please make a matching one for thunderbird!

    SALLY 2008/06/03 11:45


    Mephitus 2008/06/04 17:28

    firefox 3 RC2 has been released... for all intents and purposes this is the finished product for firefox 3.... so pleeeeeese make it compatible with firefox 3.... please? ^-^;;

    Ducky 2008/06/05 10:55

    Foxkeh is soooooo cute

    h999342 2008/06/06 17:44

    i love Foxkeh
    foxkeh is moe...
    i'm looking forward for the theme for firefox 3

    Neko 2008/06/14 19:42

    I'm sad. It seems that I have to say goodbye to Foxkeh when FF 3 released next tuesday. :(

    GonbeFAN 2008/06/15 03:32

    Firefox 3 RC3 is already released
    and on 17 june 2008, the stable/full version
    will be released. so please make a firefox 3 version.
    foxkeh rulez

    foxkeh mom 2008/06/15 06:17

    Foxkeh banner Firefox 3 version will come. Please stay tuned!

    Anonymous 2008/06/15 09:40

    So there will be Foxkeh -theme for Firefox 3? Jiihaa :D Daisuki!

    Iarima 2008/06/17 11:40

    Please, bring Foxkeh to Firefox 3!!!

    I just downloaded it and I miss my running-spinning Foxkeh already!

    Iarima 2008/06/17 11:45

    Please, bring Foxkeh to Firefox 3!!!

    I just downloaded it and I miss my running-spinning Foxkeh already!

    bluegie 2008/06/17 12:15

    Yes please release this theme for firefox 3. I've been using foxkeh theme for half a year and it is the best theme I've ever used. :D

    Iarima 2008/06/17 12:46

    Please, bring Foxkeh to Firefox 3!!!

    I just downloaded it and I miss my running-spinning Foxkeh already!

    humbleandmodest 2008/06/17 16:21

    i want foxkeh for firefox 3....!!!!!

    humbleandmodest 2008/06/17 16:38

    foxkeh for firefox 3............!!!

    Kimmy 2008/06/17 18:02

    Echoing many other requests--I would love to have Foxkeh on Thunderbird and my new Firefox 3! It is my absolute favorite theme--I sometimes refresh pages just to see him run! I'm making do for now but I'm eagerly awaiting the new version...

    nekoro 2008/06/17 21:22

    I love this theme, please update it for firefox 3.!! We all miss it very much and its only been 6 hours since firefox3 came out. *going crazy*

    harrison 2008/06/17 21:28

    He's the cutest, we need him for firefox3

    Lilone 2008/06/17 23:03

    !!!!!!! Please help Foxkeh move into his new home "FireFox3" !!!!!!!!

    Buoysel 2008/06/17 23:09

    I also need Foxkeh as soon as possible! Please update!!

    Finemind 2008/06/17 23:47

    Man, I was so upset to see that my Foxkeh theme wouldn't work on Firefox3. It almost makes me want to re-install FF2.
    I'm lost without my little running fox. Eagerly awaiting his re-appearance!

    Yan 2008/06/18 01:33

    foxkeh とっても可愛い (^O^)

    yan 2008/06/18 01:34

    Foxkeh for firefox 3 pleaseeeeeee

    chinko 2008/06/18 02:19

    thanks for all your hard work!!! foxkeh looks so kawaii!!! Please release a ff3 version! I'd love to see the little running foxy! >^ö^<

    BoomCAT 2008/06/18 02:31

    ganbate ! FF3

    squishywishy 2008/06/18 02:40

    pleasepleaseplease make it compatible for FF3!!! pleaseeee

    tsoyki13 2008/06/18 04:11

    when would this support the new firefox 3?? T_u can't wait... T_u T_u T_u

    LeonidaS 2008/06/18 14:42

    Please make this available for FireFox 3.0

    NOOOO 2008/06/18 15:05

    FF3 and no foxkeh?? that's like Crash Bandicoot and no Naughty Dog. Oh, wait....

    Janni 2008/06/19 09:43

    I almost don't want to use the internet if I can't have Foxkeh! Please release a Firefox 3 compatible version soon!

    VIVI 2008/06/19 10:58

    foxkeh looks so adorable! i want to use the theme but it's not compatible with firefox 3! can you please hlep?

    Y@nek® 2008/06/19 11:14

    Please upgarade for FF 3.0!!! :)

    Jenna 2008/06/19 15:03

    Please release a V3 version. I have V3, but might downgrade to V2 for the this theme, butV2 didn't work right for me, so I probably won't though...

    Twebber 2008/06/19 15:15


    Tessa 2008/06/20 05:36

    I love this! When for FF3? :D

    Anonymous 2008/06/20 09:22

    Agreed! Please, please, please make this for firefox 3!!!

    PleaseUpdateForFirefox3!! 2008/06/20 21:42

    Please make the Foxkeh Theme available for FireFox 3!

    Thank you (in advance!)

    max 2008/06/21 04:30

    Please make that theme compatible with firefox 3, please please please! :)

    frevilla 2008/06/21 07:20

    Foxkeh para FF3 por favor, gracias.

    Debbi 2008/06/21 13:19

    Great Job! So delighted with this theme that I'm holding off upgrading to FF3.

    TwinShadow 2008/06/21 20:14

    I only just discovered the Foxkeh theme for FireFox while searching for some themes for FF3, but now that I noticed this theme, it's just adorably cute to not have. I would love to see this theme updated for FireFox 3 as it has been officially released. I would love to browse the net and look at a fox constantly.. =^.^= (hint: the fox is my favorite animal)

    Teresa 2008/06/21 23:55

    Love the theme and eagerly await the upgrade for FF3. Excellent job;).

    Kay 2008/06/22 12:25

    Love the theme and I can't wait for it to be for FF3!

    pumkin54 2008/06/22 16:40

    Please please update this for Firefox 3! I miss my favorite theme!!! :*(

    Ste 2008/06/23 12:48

    Beautiful theme, please upgrade it for Firefox 3

    shiriko 2008/06/23 21:38

    I really like this theme!!! but can upgrade that firefox 3.0 can use because i really like it!!!

    aero 2008/06/24 05:49

    Update to Firefox 3 PLEASE!!! > <

    armakuni 2008/06/24 09:59

    Any comment on when this might be available for FF3? I really like that little fox :)

    Edie 2008/06/24 10:06

    Could you PLEASE make this theme available for Firefox version 3? I was so disappointed to find out that it will not install on version 3. Please, Please, Please!?!!

    Shania 2008/06/25 06:16

    Please develop a Foxkeh's theme for Firefox 3! I want the Foxkeh on my FF3!! Missed it so much~

    shu 2008/06/25 09:42

    please, please, please make it available for ff3!!!!

    GetaBlue 2008/06/26 03:35

    Same as others, Please make one which is compatible with FF3, I'm so tempted to go back to FF2 to use this theme...

    A.A 2008/06/26 03:52

    We want Foxkeh on FF3!
    We want Foxkeh on FF3!
    We want Foxkeh on FF3!

    Juan de Jesus 2008/06/26 09:32

    make it for FF3!!!!! plz

    Jean 2008/06/26 13:38

    Thank you for a wonderful theme-- add mine to the many voices clamoring for Foxkeh on FF3! I miss Foxkeh...

    Anonymous 2008/06/27 02:49

    I think Firefox 3.1 will released sooner than this theme. Have to move on and select something else :(

    Foxkeh Mom 2008/06/27 03:36

    Sorry to keep you waiting. Foxkeh theme for Firefox 3 is coming soon. I appreciate your patience. Please stay tuned...

    GetaBlue 2008/06/28 06:29

    That is good news....i will keep watch on this page....Cheers.....

    Roulette 2008/06/28 12:10

    I wonder how the Firefox 3 theme of Foxkeh would look like? I never seem/used it on Firefox 2 before.

    ...I'm such a loser...

    TwinShadow 2008/06/29 02:27

    Foxkeh Mom, that is very great news. I'll be waiting for the theme to come to FF3. =^.^=

    Iarima 2008/06/29 13:06

    Thanks, Foxkeh Mom! Take good care of your kid ^^

    Alisafox 2008/07/01 06:36

    I have a knife and if i wont see a theme of foxkeh for ff3 I will use it! xD
    email me if you wish to make a mass suicide party for foxkeh!


    ChibiCharlie 2008/07/01 19:54

    I absolutely love Foxkeh ^w^
    Thank you for creating such a wonderful theme ♥

    TheUnknownEvil 2008/07/01 22:22

    When is the theme going to be available for FireFox 3?

    Sarah 2008/07/02 20:26

    Update it and make for Firefox 3! Puhleasse! I love this theme so much but I can't use it on my 3.0 ={

    Schalken 2008/07/03 05:18

    I think the thundering demand for a Firefox 3 version of this theme is testimony to how great it is.

    Truly, this theme is awesome! A Firefox 3 version is seconded...or thirded...or three hundred and eighty fourthed?

    hiro 2008/07/03 18:51

    I won't upgrade to FF3 until foxkeh available for it..

    laffer 2008/07/03 23:37

    I can't wait for the updated theme for Firefox 3 to be released. Any more information on when?

    Thanks for such a great theme btw!

    Maria Elena 2008/07/04 06:32

    PLEASEª work on the theme for Firefox 3!!!! We really need it!! I miss my Foxkeh theme!

    Astrea 2008/07/04 21:36

    Please please update it sooon!!!!!!!!! I miss foxkeh!!!!!!

    NevadaSam 2008/07/05 10:26

    I really enjoy the calendar wallpaper. The theme is great and we are looking forward to the ff3 upgrade theme.


    yohan 2008/07/06 06:38

    please update for 3.0 ^^ onegaishimasu

    Ambie 2008/07/06 14:03

    PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSE UPDATE THIS TO V3!!!!!! It's toooooooo kawaii to be left in v2! I Luv Foxkeh-chan!!!!

    Sandy 2008/07/07 07:02

    For people wanting a FF3 version of this theme, perhaps you would be temporarily sated by using the new Personas extension and picking one of the simple Foxkeh themes from there?

    Shelli 2008/07/07 20:13

    Please come out with a version for ff3 T.T This is my fave theme EVER and I can no longer use it

    Neko 2008/07/08 09:56

    Well, that Personas extension seems bit buggy: after update it is not work anymore. What a crap.

    I hope FF3 theme will released soon...

    Лисёнок 2008/07/09 01:46

    Пожалуйста, переделайте темку для Mozilla Firefox 3. Заранее большое всем спасибо за работу и труды.

    H.G.D. 2008/07/09 08:31

    Love Firefox 3 but really miss my Foxkeh. I hope to see a v3version soon.... please.

    rosedragon 2008/07/09 17:58

    I want foxkeh for FF3!!! Can't bear it without foxkeh!!!! argghhh! :(

    vuk 2008/07/10 11:00

    plz update for FF3

    J 2008/07/10 19:21

    Still waiting for the ff3 version of this theme! Please update soon!!! I'm so sad without foxkeh :(

    frevilla 2008/07/13 10:20

    Not FOxkeh for FF3 yet? BUAAAHHHHHHH!

    danielle 2008/07/14 03:29

    I love this theme! Please can there be an update for Firefox 3? :)

    Anonymous 2008/07/16 07:31

    Please update this nice theme for FF 3.0!

    Liz 2008/07/17 01:07

    Is there going to be a update for firefox 3 I would love to know ^^

    Anonymous 2008/07/17 08:35

    Please update this nice theme for FF 3.0!

    Takeshi 2008/07/17 22:42

    i need this theme for FF3!!!!

    Brett 2008/07/20 19:49

    Is there any chance of getting a version ready for Firefox 3? It makes me almost want to go back to version 2, just to get the theme again.

    Christina 2008/07/21 19:51


    Paris 2008/07/22 10:54

    Please update it for FF3!!! i miss Foxeh!!! :'(

    neko 2008/07/23 01:51

    Heh heh, this is farce :D

    Diab0lique 2008/07/26 00:17

    Please update it so people can use it for Mozilla 3!

    Mellissandria 2008/07/27 16:48

    Here is another vote for updating Foxkeh to Firefox 3!!! Please????? We want our Kawaii Firefox!!!!

    xi.oxygen 2008/07/29 23:50

    I still use the firefox old version because this theme does not support firefox 3. Please update your theme for the new firefox version.


    Dave 2008/07/31 20:29

    aww.... no more cute running lil fox o.O


    Bestfox 2008/08/05 00:29

    Please UPDATE to FF3!

    Jappleng 2008/08/05 17:37

    Agreed, please create a FF3 theme! We're begging, see? *begs*

    Ricardo 2008/08/05 19:15

    When is Foxkeh going to work on Firefox 3? I miss him TT_TT

    Shiki 2008/08/06 11:57

    Please create one for Firefox 3, please!!!!

    nick 2008/08/07 16:25

    seriously... it has been months now. by "soon" you meant.. what?

    yumemizu 2008/08/08 01:15

    please create a new version for Firefox 3!

    jody 2008/08/08 14:09

    I love the foxkeh theme!
    it's adorable. but i have upgraded to the new
    firefox 3.0 for the sake of security.
    i was wondering if you'll be updating one for
    firefox 3? I really do miss the running fox.
    i know it will take a while though
    but please update about whether or not you will! i am anxiously awaiting one.

    Camila 2008/08/11 20:10

    Pleaaaseee!!! Update to Firefox 3!!!!

    Uaaah D: 2008/08/12 03:13

    Please update it to FF3 D:~! it looks very adorable :love: I can't wait to try it out *-*

    Sara 2008/08/12 06:30

    PLEASE !!!!!!!!!! Upgrade this Version for FIREFOX 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! QUICKLY, please

    laffer 2008/08/14 03:54

    Still waiting for the FF3 version of the Foxkeh theme. I don't mind waiting but is there a way you could provide a date so we could know when to expect it?