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Year of 2008 is going to start. Thanks to your support, we can continuously provide monthly Foxkeh calendar. 2008 is an Olympic year! Foxkeh will try a season sport every month. This month, he tried skiing. Please give us your idea by leaving a comment here which sport you want him to try in February.


Kesherz 2007/12/28 05:09

For a sports theme, I think he'd look adorable in a speed-skating outfit! Either that, or maybe he could go sledding.

Ke 2007/12/28 13:53

Two decembers 2007? ;)

Kohei Yoshino 2007/12/28 13:56

Ke: Fixed. Thanks!

Percy 2007/12/28 18:37

First, I'd suggest sticking to summer olympic sports! ;)

My votes are for football, athletism, tennis, basketball, swimming and baseball. And the others.

Also, could it be possible to have a generic football t-shirt and short? First phase of the FIFA World Cup 2010 will start next year and it would make terrific national mascots that could be displayed in stadiums around the world by football/Firefox fans, specially if provided at very high resolution for this purpose.

Sean 2007/12/28 18:39

Foxkeh curling would be cute.

Jax 2007/12/29 10:06

I like Percy's Idea of WC Soccer (Football)
Possibly swimming or gymnastics would be cute for foxkeh too.
I think gymnastics would be cutest.

Philip 2007/12/30 21:28

Season Sports~

Juan Manuel 2008/01/01 08:41

Is it possible to receive the original ones so we can translate them and publish them on our site? If you prefer we could tell you what needs to be changed. Our users seem to love the wallpapers!

Juan Manuel 2008/01/01 08:42

Is it possible to receive the original ones so we can translate them and publish them on our site? If you prefer we could tell you what needs to be changed. Our users seem to love the wallpapers!

bkshiu 2008/01/02 19:00

Thanks a lot for the new wall paper, happy new year.

Travelling John 2008/01/03 00:32

I love the calendar for January. It was good to start the new year with this sharp calendar with the adorable Foxkeh :-)

Good job!

Travelling John

Kirk 2008/01/03 10:17

While it's not really a sport, I think Foxkeh would look cute running the torch! After all, he has a little torch of his own on his tail. Perhaps for your August calender.

Jager 2008/01/04 05:41

Sledding or tubeing would be cute with foxkeh.

Aart 2008/01/04 06:58

how about waterpolo!

Dorje 2008/01/04 16:34

I will now boycott Foxkeh for supporting the Beijing Olympics. The CCP is oppressive and has a dismal record on human rights, and is repeatedly raping Tibet. Goodbye, Foxkeh!

Travelling John 2008/01/05 02:01

As a common sense, Tibet has been part of China for 700 years.

M4L4N0V4 2008/01/05 13:56


Ali 2008/01/06 10:10

Since February is still in winter, he should do another winter-themed sport. I'd say either skating or curling. Both would be cute.

brian 2008/01/09 19:51

have koxkeh go bobsledding! XD

Matt 2008/01/13 23:16

the png in the download section is messed up.

Objection 2008/01/14 05:36

Why don't comments get published?

I see 2008/01/14 16:48

So comments containing a link to a certain site that is not allowed in China don't get published?

Mahakala 2008/01/14 17:41

Yes, comments that do not support the country that hosts the olympics are deleted. This is a dandy for a Weblog!

Stormbringer 2008/01/14 17:50

The site hosting the olympics has a dismal record of human rights violations. This should not be celebrated. I'm thinking of tearing down all of my Firefox support buttons on my Websites and proclaiming the truth at Mozilla's chagrin.

Truth 2008/01/14 18:07

In response to the a-hole who claims Tibet was part of China for 700 years. China Invaded Tibet, killed numerous unarmed civilians and committed atrocities. China has no rights to Tibet. Free Tibet!

Kirk 2008/01/16 09:33

Re: people who dislike the Beijing Olympics

You all have valid reasons, but lets not take them out on Foxkeh! The Olympics entail more than just Beijing, and the little fox should be allowed to enjoy sports outside of political controversy. So far he's only done Winter Olympics anyway, which aren't until 2010.

Also, I second Ali in that Foxkeh should try curling, that would be awesome!

NWM 2008/01/17 22:04

Anyway we can get wallpapers themed for the seasons of the other hemisphere? I would love to use these wallpapers but this oversight discourages me.

negorin 2008/01/21 10:20

Thank you very much for your comments. Many things to be considered. Yes, the other hemisphere is an important point of view. Let us work on it step by step....

Lomingchun 2008/01/23 21:31

Foxkeh playing hockey would be neat eh?

C Fox 2008/01/25 13:28

Very cute! I'll have to keep an eye out for these in the future.

The Olympic ideal transcends politics and governments; celebrating the Olympics is not the same as supporting Chinese policy. Besides, Foxkeh is too little to understand all that geopolitical stuff! :)