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Happy winter! The December Foxkeh wallpapers have arrived. This month, Foxkeh is riding a sleigh. I hope he knows how to steer it properly. This year Foxkeh has tried so many different sports, but since he's quite athletic and has great balance, we haven't worried too much. This month's wallpaper is the last for 2008. Next year we plan to continue the wallpapers and we'll choose a different theme. If you have any ideas for themes for next year's wallpapers, please leave us a comment. We all look forward to more Foxkeh in 2009!


celiloquy 2008/12/12 22:47

Thank you for working so hard to make all these great Foxkeh wallpapers all year :) My suggestion for next year is each month, Foxkeh-kun should try a new food from all over the world!

Victoria 2008/12/15 23:56

For February's wallpaper, you should have Foxkeh giving Valentine's Day chocolates to a girl fox!! :)

Mari 2008/12/16 13:58

Thanks for the new wallpaper!

As for a theme for next year, how about Foxkeh traveling around the world and seeing different landmarks, like the pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, etc.?

DarkElfa 2008/12/17 03:58

I'd love to use these, but as usual, just like every other wallpaper place, you don't have them in 2560x1600, its like we're lepers.

NoviceNotes™ 2008/12/19 15:22

Dear Foxkeh, I am concerned about two very important issues.

First of all, how cute are you?! I think this is the first time I, a man, have thought of a "male" as cute! No-- you're a fox, and animals can be cute, so I can make the exception. The truth is, you're giving little Kureyon Shin-Chan (Yoshito Usui) a challenge for my attention-- and that is an accomplishment! :-)

I have a question for Mr. Foxkeh, for I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of you! Because-- as a native-English speaking person, I believe it is important to develop a proper understanding (at least, some bit of understanding) about Japanese pronunciations and phonetics (a considerable deficiency of World Cultures have we, being educated very little, or nothing at all of Japanese by the public schools' curriculum). What I wish to ask, I beg your pardon-- would you please help me to understand to properly pronounce your name? I'm trying to be considerate of others too, so everyone might learn (moreover, so I might annoy everyone by correcting their speach: "...uh, yo! the proper grammar is 'with whom?', not 'who with?'...and the pronunciation of ___ is ___!...", etc. You know the guy who does that, right? Well-- I don't speak it out-- but I do think it to myself sometimes. ;-)

[sorry to write so much]
The second issue of my concern: The Foxkeh theme for Firefox 3 is totally awesome! . The designers, developers, artists, etc., (whomever was / is involved in the project) show most excellent work in this creation. Foxkeh theme is an example of form following function, wherein the appearance is “pixel-perfect”, while everything functions just as if it was supposed to be there!!

Rock 'n Roll! Keep up the great work there, far from me across the sea, Mr. Foxkeh! You seem like a cool guy, so I think i'll hang-out and be your pal for a while-- and if I learn something of Japanese language and culture while we're together, then being friends with Foxkeh is even that much better! :-)

Foxkeh's fabulous friendly fan, for sure

PS. Gotta get that wallpaper too! hehe... and btw-- 2560x1600? ... uh, wow! must be nice, but-- doesn't everything look odd to you? i mean-- what does one do w/ twice the space? why not use a dual-display! ;-) But you really could be resourceful, and make your own, no? Perhaps, if so few enhancements exist for a resolution of 2560x1600 , you should be the proactive party (i.e. what is the motivation for purchasing / owning / using a display of that magnitude, if there is not some vision behind the viewer?)

TwinShadow 2008/12/19 23:27

NoviceNotes, though I'm not part of Mozilla or anything, I am an anime fan, so I have some basic understanding for the Japanese language. Though, unlike you, my grammar sucks, so... =P

Anyway, to pronounce Foxkeh, you would say "Fox" as you normally would, and for the second part, it's like saying the letter "K" itself. That should help in pronouncing the cute little fox name here.

huy 2008/12/29 02:40

Hi, im not sure where i can contact you so i will leave a message here if its in incorrect section you can delete it, i would like to request some sprites for foxkeh i am creating an game for foxkeh and i can send you a sample for the game its nothing big but im bored so i made game and i dont have much sprites to work on if you could please email me on x3_huy@msn.com i can send you the copy of the game as i said before its nothing big its jsut to kill some free time

BriBri 2008/12/29 23:43

Awww! Foxkeh is SO adorable! Maybe you can make a desktop specially made for the theme? But, Any way I LOVE it! Its SO SO CUTE!

shirish 2009/01/02 14:08

Hi Foxkeh,
When can we have pictures for January, awaiting for 2009 :)

TwinShadow 2009/01/02 16:58

shirish, you can get the January wallpapers on the japanese blog: http://foxkeh.jp/downloads/wallpapers/ - First set are the "Sunday" start, second set is "Monday" start, and the third set with no calendar.

Sujan P 2009/01/29 00:51

You guys designed some unique wallpapers for our cute Foxkeh. As per me, for February 09's wallpaper, you should have make Foxkeh giving Valentine's Day RED ROSE to a girl Foxkeeee !! :)