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The February 2009 Foxkeh wallpapers have arrived. This month Foxkeh is looking at and thinking about the Earth. Is Foxkeh's larger-than-normal fire tail a sign of his commitment to the upcoming release of Firefox 3.1? You may know that the codename for Firefox 3.1 is 'Shiretoko', a famous national park in Japan, and is the first Japanese code-name for Firefox. Foxkeh, being from Japan, is in high spirits for this upcoming new browser. What will Foxkeh be doing next month?


M Russell 2009/01/30 17:06

Thank you very much for these wallpapers. My co-workers are fascinated by and amused by my using them.

How about having Foxkeh celebrate various Japanese festivals and holidays for the remainder of 2009?

For example,
MAR - Hina Matsuri or Cherry Blossoms
APR - Going to the beach for start of Golden Week
MAY - Greenery Day or Children's Day
JUN - ?? Rainy Season ??
JUL - Tanabata
AUG - A summer festival or Mount Fuji Climbing season
SEP - ??
OCT - Health and sports day. Foxkeh playing doctor, eh?
NOV - Culture day
DEC - Christmas

Mailyan 2009/01/31 16:40

Thank you vert much for these beautiful wallpapers! I love Firefox!

Kevin 2009/01/31 23:52

This month's wallpaper looks really cool! But I'm not liking the Creative Commons license logos on the bottom right corner... =/

Roua KoS 2009/02/04 20:06

Again another wonderful wallpaper. I love foxkeh and also Firefox.

Now I have to send my aunt the wallpaper every month. She likes them too ^ ^.

huy 2009/02/12 03:59


Nash MMA 2009/02/14 23:57

Really month by month I put this wallpapers....

Congratulations and see you in March (^^;

cathysangels 2009/02/27 15:04

Does anyone know if even though the writing on the theme/wallpapers? are shown in Japanese, does it show up in English?