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The Foxkeh Wallpapers for March are here (a few days late, our apologies.) This month, Foxkeh is at the Northernmost tip of Japan, at Japan's Shiretoko National Park. Foxkeh is floating on drift ice that has floated down from Siberia and is focused on fishing but we're a bit worried that his flaming tail may melt his piece of ice? In 2009, Mozilla will release a new version of Firefox code-named "Shiretoko" and thus starting this month the wallpapers will share the theme of "Shiretoko." I wonder what next month Foxkeh will be doing in Shiretoko?


Pascals Blog 2009/03/08 21:49

Foxkeh Wallpaper - März 2009 — Foxkeh.com ist eine aus Japan stammende Fanseite vom Mozilla Firefox. Einmal im Monat wird ein neues Wallpaper veröffentlicht.  Diesen Monat sitzt der Fuchs auf einer Eisscholle und angelt. Andere Größen sind hier erhältlich....


Foxy 2009/03/15 11:24

Thanks for uploading ^^ i lov foxkeh!

Saiyora-Saga 2009/03/20 18:00

This is the cutest firefox theme EVER!

But I think you should do more with it! Like make FoxKeh into a procurator... so he can update you when you receive email's and stuff. That would be both cute and cool!

Stephen 2009/03/24 11:40

I love FOXKEH!!! I wish you guys will make Foxkeh follow the mouse pointer on your computer!!!

Stpehen 2009/03/24 12:31

You Should Make More FOXKEH Characters!!!!

Anonymous 2009/03/29 13:52

Aww! Its sooo cute! :3

Thomas 2009/04/12 14:42

Foxkeh ist so süß! Ich liebe ihn.
Foxkeh is so cute! I love him.