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Foxkeh is back for April with a wallpaper that marks the beginning of spring. Foxkeh is seen running around Shiretoko National Park when some of the last melting snow lands on his head. Spring has finally come to Shiretoko!

PS: This month we put a tree in the upper-right and placed a calendar in the middle following some of the feedback from Mac users. If this works well for everyone we'll continue to place it in the middle. We'd love to hear your comments!


Pascals Blog 2009/04/02 06:40

Foxkeh Wallpaper - April 2009 — Die japanische Firefox Fanseite hat das Wallpaper für den April veröffentlicht. In diesem Monat freut sich der kleine Fuchs über dem Frühling. Der Berg im Hintergrund ist ein Berg im Shiretoko Nationalpark. Shiretoko ist der Codename vom Firefox 3.5...


Fábio Emilio Costa 2009/04/01 05:03

I don't know if that so difficult, but you could mantain a centered version and a right aligned version of your wallpapers. 'Course if that isn't so dificult for you.

Anthony Lieuallen 2009/04/01 08:59

Love your wallpapers, have been using them for almost a year. But I use them split across a dual monitor setup. Calendar in the middle looks very strange cut in half and separated by about an inch.

Cornelius 2009/04/01 09:03

The calendar in the middle is too disruptive ... this is the 1st month in at least 1 year that I won't be grabbing the monthly wallpaper. :-(

TabbiKat 2009/04/01 15:11

Oh! Please, put the calendar back...in the middle is terrible! This month not using the calendar version...surely this is a bad April Fool joke...

Jeanlass 2009/04/01 17:35

So nice and prompt- great image! Thanks, Foxkeh elves!

Fox Lover 2009/04/02 14:40

If some of you don't like the calendar in the middle, just get the version without a calendar. I use Foxkeh wallpapers because he's cute and couldn't care less about the calendars.

kiki 2009/04/04 07:43

haha~~i like foxkeh so much
cause my bf told me i look like fox
so cute:)

jeiii 2009/04/09 09:14

thanks for the cute foxkeh wallpaper. Waiting for next month's calendar!

Mike 2009/04/15 06:46

Thanks for the adorable wallpapers! It would be great if they were available in 16:9 too so that I wouldn't have to crop them.

Kerry 2009/04/19 06:48


Anonymous 2009/04/23 13:44

thanks for the wallpaper! cute as always! cant wait for may's to come out. i do prefer the calendar on the top right though.. but still cute!

Lee 2009/04/24 19:10

If it were possible, maybe create wallpapers with the calendar on the left, middle, and right. That way, people have their choice of where the calendar is. I am a Mac and PC user, so I for my Mac I like the middle/left location, but on Windows icons are on the left, so a calendar on the right is preferable.

Star 2009/04/24 19:11

I love Foxkeh! All over my browser! Love the backgrounds, and the calendar, helps me keep track of the day.

foxkeh fan 2009/05/01 08:43

The calendar isn't a good idea imho - people might want to use the wallpaper in another month or have their own calendar applet - like a KDE4 Plasmoid (you can even rotate it ;-) )
But Foxkeh is as cute as always =)

Cookie 2009/05/02 08:41

Awesome wallpapers!
Can't wait for the next one!

hi 2009/05/03 05:59

i like the calendar in the middle even though i use windows because on windows vista the sidebar is on the right. i love foxkeh!

holi 2009/05/04 09:48

i'm waiting for may!!!

TwinShadow 2009/05/04 19:16

holi, the May wallpaper is already available. =P If anyone ever sees the picture at the top right of this site change from the previous month, then most likely there is a new wallpaper to get.

I guess to finally comment, I'm actually not fond of the middle calendar. I think May's calendar would be better on the right side as usual, rather than the middle. April's though, I think worked fine to my tastes.

jinryoku 2009/05/05 06:51

holi: Calm down. :-)
It's Golden Week in japan. So they're on vacation.
I think the little Fox will come tomorrow.