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Welcome to new visitors from Lifehacker: Monthly Firefox-Themed Wallpapers with Embedded Calendars.

Apologies for the delay as Foxkeh was out on vacation during Golden Week. This month's wallpaper features the spring blooming Lysichiton which is native to the Shiretoko National Park. Did you know that Shiretoko is also the code-name for the upcoming Firefox 3.5 browser? Foxkeh is enjoying the spring rays of sunshine and is frolicking in the park with a butterfly. Now that the long winter has ended and spring has arrived in Shiretoko, Foxkeh is eagerly looking forward to playing in the park. Please download the May 2009 Foxkeh wallpaper and share it with friends.


Anonymous 2009/05/05 23:12


Calendar in the middle rocks ⁿ-ⁿ

Chengings 2009/05/05 23:42

I saw Foxkeh portable size on foxkeh.com (http://www.foxkeh.com/downloads/wallpapers/200905/240x320_mobile.jpg). Why download section don't have this size.

Jean 2009/05/06 09:27

Love it- so spring-like!

Anonymous 2009/05/08 20:06

yay! pretty!

maddy 2009/05/10 15:34

very blurry. april one wasn't blurry though

holi 2009/05/10 20:42

so pretty cute
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh cuteeee!!!

anon 2009/05/13 00:32

could you make larger wallpapers?
they are so foxkeh is so cute but he has to be stretched.
1680x1050 please

I love Foxkeh! 2009/05/13 22:58

I love these wallpapers, so adorable. Bravo to the staff at Firefox Japan. ^_^

Nyapyoliy 2009/05/17 07:26

We can get portable size wallpapers on Japanese site.

annie 2009/05/17 17:06

i love foxkeh so much! i cant wait to see the june wall paper!

Mia 2009/05/19 20:24

kawaii! :3

Greenery 2009/05/20 06:23

Can you make and sell Foxkeh calendar for desk? Not a desktop but a real desk. Maybe you could make one for 2010. I would definitely buy it, just use any of the previous wallpaper.

Badu 2009/05/26 04:21

Yeah good....from Italy...thanks ^_^

Carol Anne 2009/06/04 04:20

I've been downloading the monthly calendars for a year now -- both at work and at home. My daughters and I look forward to each new design. Thank you so much for sharing your talent(s) each month.