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Foxkeh's wallpapers for June are available for download. Shiretoko finally welcomes a late cherry blossom season. Foxkeh is taking a little break under cherry trees while he's hiking. The blossoms in full bloom appear similar to the snowscape in Shiretoko. Be careful not to burn your backpack with your tail flame, Foxkeh!

Update: We have corrected calendars starting on Mondays. Thanks Olly!


Pascals Blog 2009/06/05 07:48

Foxkeh Wallpaper – Juni 2009 — Alle Monate wieder. Hier das Foxkeh Wallpaper für den Monat Juni ist erschienen. In diesem Monat unternimmt das Maskotchen eine Wanderung durch die Kirschblüten im Shiretoko Nationalpark....


Badu 2009/06/05 00:43

fantastic....is very good!! ^_^ thanks form italy!!!

Ben 2009/06/05 10:00

greetings from canada!

Olly 2009/06/06 11:32

Just to spread awareness: In the 1024x768 wallpaper with calendar starting on Mondays, the 28th is labelled the 22nd. Brilliant wallpaper otherwise!

Dori 2009/06/08 06:35

Wow..fantastic looking! Thanks so much for sharing! I've been using Fokkeh wallpaper every month and will continue using.

John Wayne 2009/06/08 23:01

Sorry don't like it.
It's too purple; gives me headakes

Dib 2009/06/10 10:49

Too cute!

neko!! 2009/06/14 18:00

ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyy
how cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

annie 2009/07/01 09:10

i luv foxkeh, but where's the july wallpaper... :(

becky 2009/07/02 05:44

where is the one for july