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The July Foxkeh wallpapers have been released a few days ago. Apologies for the delay as we were very busy with the launch of Firefox 3.5 recently. Have you downloaded your copy? This month Foxkeh is hiking in the Shiretoko National Park. Have you had a chance to create a banner to promote Shiretoko and Firefox? If not, here's your chance. You can see everyone participating in the campaign at the InterFORest site. Please consider joining Foxkeh to support both the efforts of the non-profit Shiretoko Nature Foundation as well as the non-profit Mozilla Foundation.


Hatix 2009/07/08 10:29

Will the Foxkeh Firefox Theme for FF 3.0 be updated to FF 3.5 ? It's a great theme, I've always used it!

Marce 2009/07/09 10:57

When will the Foxkeh Firefox Theme for Firefox 3.5 be available? It's so cute I want to use right away! :3

fantasy 2009/07/10 02:26

I like wallpapers, it so cute.

kitune 2009/07/11 00:25

Please upgrade for Foxkeh Theme.

nkh 2009/07/12 02:33

1024x768_cal_universal_sun.png cannot be downloaded - it seems to be missing?

Theresa 2009/07/12 13:43

I just love Foxkeh, I hope that you will keep doing the wallpapers.

danny fatkullin 2009/07/13 04:27

Please, please PLEASE PLEASE make the Foxkeh add-on compatible with FF3.5.... I'd be the happiest man in the world if you did!

gs 2009/07/13 18:30

Please, release Foxkeh theme for Firefox 3.5!! I have used the previous versions and they are cute!

EmiFox 2009/07/14 18:43

Firefox 3.5 misses Foxkeh theme!

Foxkehthemefan 2009/07/16 13:18

I love foxkeh theme! Please update!

annie 2009/07/17 04:31

i love foxkeh! too bad the wallpaper came out late this month...

neko 2009/07/18 05:38

hi ... is foxkeh theme for 3.5 ready? or cumin out? really cant wait to get it! really cute!! used the previous version... den found out do nt hav for 3.5, like really too bad!!

Kit 2009/07/19 18:34

I'm waiting on the foxkeh theme to be updated before I upgrade to firefox 3.5! Hope to see it soon! It would be great too if we had a choice of colors!

Kari 2009/07/22 19:24

Adding my voice to the masses: I'm looking forward to, and hoping that, Foxkeh will upgrade to FF 3.5. It just isn't Firefox without little foxkeh.

agatha 2009/07/24 11:56

Count me too - please, PLEASE update the theme for FF 3.5.x (3.5.1 is out now). I want it so badly I'm considering switching back to 3.0.12 until it's ready. So, please! :)

Yoda 2009/07/24 21:35

Yesss! pleaseeee update Foxkeh theme for firefox 3.5
pleaseeeeee : ( pleaseeeeee : ( pleaseeeeee : ( pleaseeeeee : ( pleaseeeeee : ( pleaseeeeee : ( pleaseeeeee : ( pleaseeeeee : ( pleaseeeeee : ( pleaseeeeee : ( pleaseeeeee : ( pleaseeeeee

redpeak77 2009/07/25 04:02

i want my kawaii foxkeh back to my browser! please upgrade for 3.5!

Bhiexito 2009/07/28 16:54

Hello, all very nice. I hope the August. See you

Lida 2009/07/29 23:21

Foxkeh theme for Firefox is the best... please update it for v3.5, I miss him!

Drachea Rannak 2009/07/31 13:05

Why nobody answers to comments here?! We would LOVE to have a 3.5 update :)

ricky 2009/08/01 02:01

i miss the running cute little fox in my 3.5.1 version

Briana 2009/08/01 07:00

D: If yew are makin another version, Update the foxkeh theme or I will go to IE! (As much as I hate them....)

Paparazzi 2009/08/01 07:01

Aah, yes.
Also, IF you could, The scrollbar on the foxkeh theme is plain... Could It match the rest of the theme?

Pedro /luis 2009/08/01 10:00

Ow man, i love firefox 3.5, but missing foxkeh is terrible. Please, make a firefox 3.5 upgrade, later you can tune up more the theme!! and give us an answer, if you are making it or not. in my sister pc(this) im using firefox 3 because she dows not want to lose foxkeh. Persona is good, but not the same...

Francisco 2009/08/04 05:17

please update foxkeh to firefox 3.5
web isn't the same without my foxkeh running in my screen

Craig 2009/08/06 04:51

Please update the Foxkeh theme to 3.5.x, PLEASE! I miss it terribly. :(

Joseph 2009/08/17 04:00

I didn't realize that my Foxkeh theme would not be compatible with the 3.5v of Firefox.

I had the coolest Firefox on the block...now its boring!

Please make and updated version of the Foxkeh theme!

My online experience just isn't the same without my running fox while pages load.


Jill 2009/08/27 09:40

On the Firefox Addons page for this theme, someone posted a way to get it to work with version 3.5. Here it is: "To disable version checking of extensions in 2.0 and later, put about:config in the location bar then right-click -> new -> boolean and paste extensions.checkCompatibility as the name and set it to false. The theme will now work."
It's true! It worked for me!