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Foxkeh's wallpapers for August are available for download. Enjoy your summer vacation with Foxkeh on the beach of Shiretoko!


peligroso 2009/08/04 20:03

Oh, come on... wallpapers are awesome, really, but I think everyone's expecting the Foxkeh Theme to be compatible with Firefox 3.5.X... please please please, with a cherry on top.

Take care, you rock.

wolfhero 2009/08/05 15:29

Foxkeh Theme for Firefox 3.5~~~~~~~ Stop wasting time on wallpapers and get that theme out of the door first!

анастасия 2009/08/06 06:22

сделайте пожалуйста побыстрей тему для firefox 3.5

TwinShadow 2009/08/06 13:15

I want to see Foxkeh theme for 3.5 just as much as the next person, but constantly asking or demanding it isn't going to get it out that much faster. I appreciate what's done here and I love the wallpapers. I'm not fond of the calendar in the middle though, much rather have it on the right side myself. But, like I said, continuing to pressure to get the theme out for 3.5 isn't going to help in the matter, if not just make the update process that much slower.

Steven_PSN-14 2009/08/08 07:49

Yes, everyone wants the Foxkeh theme, but stop blaming! Please!

You're not helping Mozilla to speed up the progress of the theme by pushing them with things like "Foxkeh Theme for Firefox 3.5~~~~~~~ Stop wasting time on wallpapers and get that theme out of the door first!".

If you're so crazy for the Foxkeh theme, I'll suggest you grab the "Personas for Firefox" extension and "Togheter With Foxkeh" addons at the Mozilla site and live with that.

But please, stop complaining!!


About wallpapers:

Great work on there!!

Allicks 2009/08/09 03:06

I agree with Steven_PSN-14; that both of the other addons are great, but we still must have the theme!

Kit 2009/08/09 11:49

I guess water doesn't put out Foxkeh's tail?

Steven 2009/08/11 05:15

At least the team shud at least say that they are in the progress on updating the foxkeh theme for ff 3.5, or somthing along that line......

Coz after 2 months we still don't know whether they'll consider updating the theme or not, since we haven't heard a single comment from them about it..........

Tricia 2009/08/17 23:44

I started using the Foxkeh theme as soon as I found it and I loved it a lot but to my dismay Firefox 3 isn't compatible with the Foxkeh theme. A version for the new Firefox would be greatly welcomed. Great job with Foxkeh so far! I've seen the wallpapers and the plush toys, very nice

buka 2009/08/20 15:34

i remake foxkeh theme for ff 3.5.2 by myself! my theme don't have animated fox in the right corner but anything else works good. All you got to do, it's follow this instruction http://www.twistermc.com/blog/2006/09/22/how-to-create-a-firefox-theme/ ;)

非廣告 2009/08/22 01:41

If you decide to update foxkeh to firefox 3.5, could you design a icon for 'recent closed tabs'? This is very common used I think.

Leo McArdle 2009/08/26 12:37

I love foxkeh...
And could people please stop going on about how it isn't for firefox 3.5... because it is... do the following:
To disable version checking of extensions in 2.0 and later, put about:config in the location bar then right-click -> new -> boolean and paste extensions.checkCompatibility as the name and set it to false.
The theme will now work...

AdamantReaper 2009/08/27 11:08

If you really want the Foxkeh theme for 3.5, follow the instructions here to make the theme work: http://lifehacker.com/355973/make-your-extensions-work-with-the-firefox-35.

FezzyFox 2009/08/30 15:06

Foxkeh is available for Firefox 3.5.x

You need to install the personas add on from mozilla, then you can apply any of the themes that you like :)

Ive currently got foxkeh on 3.5.2, Legitamitely. you dont need any hacks.

Evgeniy 2009/08/31 00:03

+1.Make theme for Firefox 3.5.2 please

MeowMeow 2009/09/05 17:22

Seek wallpaper for September D:

Steven_PSN-14 2009/09/11 15:31

Happy b-day Foxkeh! :D (a bit late XD)

Anonymous 2009/11/03 04:24

when would the november wallpaper come ..?