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Foxkeh, who was born on September 1st, 2006, is now 3 years old! Before we even knew it, Foxkeh had 32 wallpapers created for him, and this 33rd wallpaper celebrates Foxkeh's third birthday. Please remember, as long as you are not using Foxkeh for commercial profit, and you credit Mozilla, you're free to use Foxkeh in your own way. The design of Foxkeh seems pretty simple at first, but to draw Foxkeh yourself is harder than it looks. The staff of Mozilla Japan tried to draw Foxkeh but he ended up looking like a cat or a dog, not like the red panda that he is. If you are drawing your own Foxkeh, please feel free to use the Foxkeh images and body parts that are distributed on the download page. Happy birthday to Foxkeh and thank you to everyone who loves him and shares him with your friends and family. Foxkeh appreciates your love.


Foxy Love 2009/09/14 22:30

Happy Birthday FoxKeh! <3 Ya Lots *Muacks*

Allicks 2009/09/15 07:34

Yay! This is one of the best wallpapers yet!

Ducky 2009/09/15 14:41

Foxkeh just makes the internet & computers a whole lot better! :)

bEN 2009/09/19 04:06

Yeah can't wait to see the one for next month :). By the way for th people who want to have Foxkeh shown in their navigator browser download the add-on "personas".

rns 2009/09/21 00:35

happy birthday... :)

Sarah 2009/10/04 11:43

Foxkeh is the best!~ I always check on Foxkeh!

Rena 2009/10/18 22:34

Happy birthday! cute boy~

Confused 2009/11/01 23:33

Is Foxkeh a fox or red panda? Above it states, "Foxkeh but he ended up looking like a cat or a dog, not like the red panda that he is. " but in the FAQ it says Foxkeh is a fox. Which is it? :c

FoxkehLuver 2009/12/18 01:10

Woo Happy Birthday Foxkeh!