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We're already halfway into October, so please let us apologize for the delayed note. Foxkeh's October wallpaper is now available. This month, Foxkeh is feasting on some fall fruits and may have eaten a bit more than he should have. If Foxkeh gets too fat, he'll start looking like a racoon! Foxkeh, please don't eat too much =^_^=.


Allicks 2009/10/17 22:25

Great, but it was available on the .jp site ages ago.

Camerenc@gmail.com 2009/10/18 15:10

Aww thats cute :3

Rena 2009/10/18 22:33

It's so warm and cute! I love it~

jane 2009/11/03 23:02

we r waiting for november wall paper :)

susane 2009/11/04 02:50

Very cute...awesome...

TwinShadow 2009/11/06 11:51


New wallpapers are always added pretty quick. Its the post that tends to take too long. Always check there rather than the front page for new stuff.

Daniel 2009/11/07 03:10

November wallpaper is available on foxkeh.jp

Daniel Harder 2009/11/09 11:09

the november theme of foxkeh is already available on the japanese website.
(simply click on the "other language: Japanese" button on top of this site)

FOXKEH_PWNS 2009/11/13 15:08

happy birthday Foxkeh :]]]]]

Sarah 2009/11/15 07:48

what is he eating?

foxpup 2009/11/19 19:51

I love these monthly foxkeh wallpapers. :-) Thanks for going to the trouble to make them. Has anyone considered dong 16:9 pictures. 1920x1080, 1600x900 and 1280x720 are becoming quite common. I've been enjoying the 1920x1200 image and that has been working but a perfect match for an increasingly popular aspect ratio would make sense. Thanks for all your effort. :-)

Allicks 2009/11/22 08:47

I made a Persona based on this month's [November] wallpaper. Just click on my name for the link. If it's popular, I'll start making them for each month.

Mateusz SSJ8 2009/11/25 11:51

Where is a note of November 2009 wallpaper?

jojo 2009/11/29 21:13

How come the november wallpapers haven't come out yet??? :( It's already 30/11/09!!!

foxkeh fan 2009/12/01 22:53

Till now no sign of December wallpapers ?

Jacob Christensen 2009/12/02 15:36

For some reason foxkeh,com is not updated, but if you go to http://foxkeh.jp/downloads/wallpapers/ the latest wallpapers are there.

Celeste 2009/12/02 17:25

I love this. Foxkeh is so cute!!!