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Hello everyone. We are happy to provide the June version of the Foxkeh wallpapers. In Japan, June is the rainy season, so Foxkeh is using a leaf called "rawanbuki", a giant butterbur, as the umbrella. He seems to enjoy the rainy season, too.


Robin 2007/06/01 16:35

Good plan. Wouldn’t want your tail to go out.

mayi 2007/06/02 09:09

Cute and nice wallpaper. :D

Mackley 2007/06/04 13:58

very nice wallpaper ! :-)

Now I'm using it (without calendar...)

^-^ 2007/06/15 03:25

You are so cute (=^^=)
I'm now waiting for new images to come!

ken 2007/06/20 11:09

view foxkeh's slideshow video @youtube! niiice! ;-)